Ensuring Energy Efficiency in Construction Projects

Planning and Development

If you are looking for land to build on or have acquired land, and are seeking to develop a design and construction program, the mix of locality, county and state requirements and compliance with the Chesapeake Bay Act are all considerations that can impact design costs and timelines, and directly affect your facilities construction.

Many large projects require transportation studies to determine if changes or new roads, turning lanes, etc. are needed to get into and out of the property. Current and planned zoning changes to an area can directly impact property purchase price and who will be able to build near your property in the future.

Once you have acquired the land, the matters of environmental compliance, mixed-use, and ability to repurpose, parking, and limitations on future expansion are all issues requiring detailed vetting and expense.

At Metropolitan Facilities Solutions, we translate visions into complete construction projects. We then develop checks and balances to ensure that your ideas are executable, ensuring that your internal and external stakeholders understand your objectives. We oversee the entire project from start to finish, acting as an honest broker to provide the best outcome for all stakeholders.

  • Land Acquisition (location of the project)
  • Statement of Design Intent
  • Identified Design Team
  • Alternative Financing Options
  • Program Development Oversight
  • Commissioning
  • Green and Sustainable Solutions
Metropolitan Facilities Solutions

Budget & Finance

Every business and organization address capital and operational planning differently. Some have no plan, others focus on short-term or annual factors, and some take the long view of owning and operating as an investment.

Many businesses maintain aggressive control of their operating costs and business operations but do not view the investment in their facilities in the same way. They may be short-term owners, or they may lease their facilities.

NGOs, Non-profits, hospitals, schools, churches, and other institutional owners are often no different in their view of sustaining operations first; and what those operations vary with each organization.

However, there is one commonality between all different types of organizations and purposes: They require reliable, functional, and safe facilities to work.

While in business, the means of identifying opportunities in facilities is investment-driven, most often in not-for-profit organizations, it becomes a matter of reactionary decision-making. This leads to necessary work being delayed to the point of crisis or absolute necessity. When this critical point arrives, what would have likely been a financially efficient decision will cost a premium and will probably lack the scope that an informed and strategic effort would have been able to provide. When this happens, the very cost they are seeking to contain now is higher and unavoidable.

Metropolitan Facilities Solutions

MFS Services

  • Real Property Analysis
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Capital Reserve Studies
  • Energy Auditing
  • Maintenance and Operations Budgets
  • Integrated Project Management
  • Utility Cost Reduction Services

Project Management

Metropolitan Facilities Solutions, (MFS) brings a value-added perspective to traditional construction processes. The services we provide will typically pay for themselves through right-sizing, reducing unnecessary expenses, redirecting investment dollars, and improved efficiency.

MFS analyzes the design intent and engineering of construction projects, determining the efficacy of current systems vs. proposed systems.

We facilitate discussions that prompt deeper consideration as to the best approach to achieve your desired outcomes. We will assist you and your design professionals to tailor your project to fit best the needs of your business and your bottom line.

We assure that all participants in the design and construction processes remain focused on the key components that will ensure the owner’s outcomes are realized.

MFS Project Management Services

  • Request for Proposal Processes
  • Scoping Studies
  • Selection of Design Team
  • Selection of Contractors & Vendors
  • Representing the Owners Interest
  • Critical Path Development
  • Project Timelines
  • Communication Plan & Process
  • Resource Management
Metropolitan Facilities Solutions