Harry J. Thompson


Harry J. Thompson has over 25 years of experience in the management operations and construction services industries, including hospitals, government, university environments and faith-based organizations. He acts as the owner’s advocate and representative, ensuring that the voice of the owner is heard and their vision is achieved.

Harry has participated in all aspects of facilities design, construction and operations of educational, laboratory, industrial, hospital, property management and retail facilities.  He does not simply manage the construction process – he is on the ground from the drawing board to the board room, through financial planning and design and managing various aspects of construction to ensure the owner’s priorities and the goals of the project are the same.

As President and CEO, Harry is the true definition of the corporate motto: “keep the boardroom to a minimum and maximize on the task.”

A Message from our President and CEO

“Dear Property Owner: Our traditional construction industry has been commoditized. As a property owner you may be faced with new realities and obstacles, some of you may need help better understanding the industry’s current climate so that you can respond in the best way possible.

The timeline for obtaining the correct answers has lengthened while the time frame for making effective decisions has become even shorter, both which have the potential to create less effective results with greater overall cost.  As leader of MFS and a champion for the voice of property owners, I can say that we are meeting and changing new industry challenges every day.

We are committed because we know that your vision is unique. Let us use our experience in managing hundreds of projects to help you articulate your vision just as you see it. We guarantee that doing so will help you realize it sooner. At Metropolitan, We Ensure Outcomes.

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