The Principals

HarryGerryThe Metropolitan Facilities Services, Inc. team delivers over 50 years of experience in representing the needs of facility and property owners in the areas of planning and development, project management, and sustainability. President Harry Thompson, and Vice-President Gerard Rodino, have built an infrastructure that can support small, mid-sized and large projects.

Letter from Our President and Vice President:

Often, we’re asked what we value as professionals. We’d like to articulate those values for you.

We believe that each property owner’s vision and project objectives are unique.It is essential first to understand the expectations of the facility and property owners with whom we work.

Our initial job is to ensure that we gather as much information and data about the project as possible. Once we’ve clarified all project details, we’re able to develop solutions and make commitments to ensuring the project’s outcomes based on your goals and expectations.

We value the environment and are committed to eliminating harm done to it through faulty construction. We incorporate the concepts of sustainability and life-cycle performance into every MFS solution, building on the works of earlier environmental stewards. We operate transparently as a member of your team to develop trust and integrity, with the ultimate goal to provide sustainable, efficient new and beautifully renovated facilities.

We look forward to working with you!
Harry Thompson & Gerard Rodino