Lighting Audits and Studies

Lighting Studies

We are often asked to review and critique audits performed by others when those efforts have fallen short of the mark for the owner. One area in which we see this repeatedly is lighting.

Most large facilities have performed either partial or complete lighting replacements within the past 10 years.               A lighting firm comes in and provides a free audit, a proposal for a good ROI, and in many cases financing.           They sell the lights and subcontract the installation.

There is no down side to lighting upgrades, but there is a catch that is typically overlooked.

Most large facilities are over lit. Standards for correct lighting levels are published by IESNA (Illuminating Electrical Society of North America). Audits that do not assess the correct light levels and the impact of space size, shape, color, height and purpose will typically replace every light one-by-one.

MFS can perform detailed studies where the number of fixtures replaced can be significantly decreased, and where variation in the type of fixtures and controls results in better performance. Nothing saves more money than turning things off or removing unneeded energy-consuming devices. Even if your facility has performed an upgrade there are good reasons to consider assessing it again.