PACE – ‘Property Assessed Clean Energy’ is a government-funded program that provides capital to property owners for energy improvements that include the upgrade of aging, inefficient equipment and systems in buildings. The funds are repaid over the life-cycle of the equipment, often up to 20 years, through a tax-assessment that is placed on the property.

PACE programs are in place in 30 states including Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. These programs are a great way to get access to capital for improvements that will directly reduce your energy and operating costs.

PACE funds are available to for-profit and non-profit organizations regardless of whether you pay property taxes.

The full story on PACE and the ways it can be leveraged for your organization is too extensive to cover here.  In our resources and affiliations page there are references to the local PACE programs.

MFS Services:

  • Initial PACE energy audit and program application
  • Project development
  • Required financial analysis and benchmarking
  • Construction management
  • Commissioning
  • Measurement and Verification

An excellent resource for PACE nationally is found at