Facilities Engineering

The larger an organization is, the more heavily it relies upon the facility manager and support service staff to keep the day to day business operations running efficiently. The challenges these professionals and skilled trades face in responding to daily needs from within the organization are daunting.

Tenants and employees only see a fraction of what facilities services does, and it is usually from a personal standpoint. When they have a problem or need help do they get it in a reasonable time, is the result satisfactory, is the matter fully resolved, and was the experience acceptable overall. What they don’t see is the organization, skills, planning and prioritization running in the background to keep their work operations and work experience productive and pleasant.

There is a huge amount of equipment and system maintenance required in any facility, and the manpower available must balance that workload against reactive service calls, emergencies and unexpected needs from business operations and management.

MFS works within facilities organizations to improve and streamline processes and to help facilities interact more effectively with capital planning and business operations. We have many years of experience in managing facilities and structuring effective maintenance and operations platforms.  MFS Vice-President is a licensed, 1st Class Operating Engineer in the District of Columbia.

MFS Services:

  • Staffing Analysis
  • Time-Study of Service Response
  • Operations Service Management Flowcharting
  • Resource-Centered Maintenance Programs
  • Facility Condition Assessments
  • Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)