About Us

About Us

Metropolitan Facilities Solutions, Inc. (MFS) provides facility and property owners with complete project development, commissioning and construction management services for major and minor projects. Our years of ‘trial by fire’ in the facilities management industry have led us to develop manageable and focused solutions to the complex problems facing facility Owners and operators.

We leverage our relationships within the engineering, design and construction communities in the Washington DC region to implement targeted solutions that consider your business and financial needs as well as the design and construction of a project. As consultants we can devise tailored and scale-able services based on your unique ownership and business needs. We compliment the traditional engineering processes and focus on adding value to your property or business as an investment.

Our purpose is to assist decision makers in understanding alternatives to conventional means and methods by facilitating discussions about investment, sustainability, and the health and well-being of buildings; and to ensure the outcome of every project.

Our Core Beliefs                                                                                                                                                                                             

MFS is committed to developing sustainable solutions that complement the traditional disciplines by identifying and focusing on the often ignored business, financial and operational impacts that are not included in plans and specifications. We apply our knowledge of business and plant operations, investment strategy, energy management, facilities engineering, operations and commissioning to your project and help service and contracting firms excel in meeting your expectations.

We are driven by a simple set of principles which are embraced by our partners and vendors. When asked to bring in or assist in acquiring services, only those who can meet our expectations are recommended. We are dedicated to planning and development, project and vendor management; and to optimizing each and every investment our clients make in their facilities.

We Believe

  • Our clients are our partners; and our mutual success is based upon trust, open lines of communication, best practices and access to key information.
  • The best outcome of any investment is ensured through properly analyzing and planning even the most common projects to identify potential risks and contingencies during the design phase.
  • The financial success of any project is fueled by understanding current market conditions in relation to project intent and scope, total project costs, life cycle analysis and return on investment.
  • When unforeseen problems arise, the proper solution can meet the needs of every stakeholder.